Dress Code

Dress Code 

For proper training of our students, we’ve instituted a dress code for Pre-Ballet, Primary, and Youth Division Levels. Proper adherence to the dress code not only allows students to focus fully on their studies, but shows formal respect to the faculty, fellow students, and the longheld traditions of ballet.

When enrolling for classes, we ask that all registrants take note of these important procedures listed below.

All dancers must arrive and leave the studio with warm-up clothes over their dance attire or in street clothing. Ballet slippers are not to be worn outside. Please arrive and exit the building in street shoes.

Dancers arriving 10 minutes after the start of class may be asked to observe and take notes rather than participate in class, at the teacher’s discretion. Dancers have the ability to perform their best in class with a thoughtful approach to preparing themselves, both physically and mentally, when not in a rush. We ask those that bring our youngest participants to class, help demonstrate that their dancer is ready to learn by arriving in the correct uniform, hair properly pulled back, and in a timely manner.


Pre-Ballet & Primary  Hair should be pulled away from face and neck in a ponytail, preferably in a bun. Hair that is too short for a bun or ponytail must be pulled back and secured with hair pins or clips.

Level 1-6  All dancers must have their hair secured off their face and neck. For most dancers, this will be in a bun. We understand that dancers have different textures and length of hair. Those that cannot wear a proper bun need to ensure that stray pieces, braids, and bangs are neatly pinned back with hair pins and a hair net.


Pre-Ballet & Primary Division  

  • Pre-Ballet Leotard: WHITE Capezio (CC400C) – Short-sleeve Leotard
  • Primary Leotard: PINK Capezio (CC400C) – Short-sleeve Leotard
  • Tights: Light Pink, footed tights. Recommended; Bloch Endura, Capezio Ultra Soft, So Danca 
  • Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers, Full Sole, Leather or Canvas.
    • Highly Recommended; Shoes without drawstring, Capezio Daisy or So Danca SD69
  • Warm-up Sweater: The following may be worn over leotards during colder seasons,
    • Wear Moi Wrap Sweater, PINK Bloch “Ella” Long Sleeve Tie Sweater
  • Boys: WHITE Short Sleeve T-shirt. BLACK Biker Shorts. WHITE crew socks. WHITE Ballet Slippers, Full Sole, Canvas or Leather


Youth Division 

When ordering, please note the corresponding color per level.

Level 1 – Light Blue

Level 2 – Lilac

Level 3 – Navy

Level 4 – Burgundy

Level 5 / 6 – Black, Wear Moi – Faustine Leotard

A short black ballet skirt may be worn in the center and for Pointe Classes.
Saturday class is free dress day – any color leotard is allowed!

  • Tights: All female students have the option to wear pink or skin tone-inclusive tights. Please ensure that tights, ballet shoes, and pointe shoes are the same tone of color. Convertible tights are required for Levels 2-6.
  • Shoes: So Danca, BLISS SD16 – Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe

Contemporary (Level 4/5/6): BLACK Leggings, to be worn over tights and leotard. 

Male Attire

  • Tights:

Levels 1 – 3: BLACK Biker Shorts, WHITE Socks

Levels 4 – 5: Three Options

–  BLACK Biker Shorts (to be worn with white shoes/socks)

–  BLACK Ankle Length Tights, Kiev – D301 (to be worn with white shoes/socks) 


– BLACK Convertible Tights (to be worn with black shoes)

So Danca, Jacob – SL160(Boys)/SL159(Men)


Wear Moi Orion Footed Tights


  • Dance Belt required for Levels 1-6, Capezio Men’s Quilted Dance Belt (Style No:N5930)



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